Saturday, April 11, 2015 the Digital Age

My class Teaching in the Digital Age is over, yet I feel like my journey has just begun.  I didn't imagine when I started this class I would learn so much.  I really didn't know what I was in for.  But I know now that I have this hunger for kids to have technology in their hands and for them to have options on how they want to show me what they know.  It's opened my eyes to so many possibilities that my kids would have never knew existed if I hadn't wanted to learn more myself.  I think our kids reap the benefits every time we learn something new and get excited about teaching.  We need to be in a place where we are willing to take some risks with lessons and technology.

Two standards stick out as areas of strengths, student learning and creativity and professional growth and leadership.  I have really gave my kids the "OK" to be creative in their learning and presentations to me.  I think it's so important, especially with technology, to not put so many limitations on what the kids can and cannot long as it's within reason.  I have a new role coming up next year and I really think this benefited me by showing me what kids can do so I can be helpful in showing other teachers what they can do with their kids.  I think I will always be working on Digital Citizenship.  It's like teaching them how to be good people.  It's a full time ongoing job.

I have already been applying what I have learned in my class with my kids.  They LOVE it when I teach them a different technology tool.  I also want to make sure I keep everything I learned close, to show my teachers next year.  I am looking forward to what the future holds.  I'm excited for new opportunities and getting to working with some talented people.  Keep following me to see what clever things my kids come up with.  They love it when I share their work!


  1. I'm not sure exactly what grade I will be in next year, but I look forward to getting your support in teaching digital citizenship because it is all new to me. I agree completely that it will be an area for ongoing learning, just like citizenship of all kinds!

  2. Your blog is a powerful learning tool and will be useful for the teachers you work with next year, keep it up! You have a faithful reader in me.