Friday, April 10, 2015

Earth Day Sketchnotes...

Well, here are some WONDERFUL sketchnotes made by my creative class. We have been learning about Earth Day,  The Triplicate gave our class the Earth Day supplement and we read the articles and then made sketchnotes about what they read.

Rae Fearing is always challenging me to do different things with technology and I love her for that.  She challenges me, I figure out how to do it and most of the time things work out.  I feel compelled to follow through and complete these tasks.  It's nice that I feel comfortable to try these new things, I think that is key for me and my kids. 


  1. Thank you for posting these, I love to see what your students are creating. I love your fearlessness and willingness to take risks!

  2. This is great! Were your students able to share their work with other students?