Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Last Day

It's the last day of school and I'm not with kids today.  It's a little weird.  Instead of saying goodbye to kids I'm saying goodbye to fellow coaches.  My life as an instructional coach is one day away from ending.  It's been an amazing year and I have learned so much.  I am so grateful for the experiences I have had this year.

It's time to go back to the classroom next year and make new experiences with my new grade level and new school.  I'm heading to Pine Grove, where it all started for me.  When I moved to Brookings I got a couple of long-term substitute jobs at Pine Grove.  The ladies there were very sweet and took me under their wings.  So I'm heading back there to teach 3rd grade.

I can't wait to use what I've learned my kids.  I went to two CUE events RockStar and Palm Springs.  I have learned Green Screen, BreakoutEDU, robots, augmented reality, HyperDocs, GLAD strategies for technology...just to name a few!  I'm also looking forward to sharing what I've learned with the other teachers at Pine Grove.

I don't regret being an instructional coach, I just think I was made to be in a classroom full of kids.  

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