Sunday, September 6, 2015

CUE RockStar!

I had the privilege to attend a CUE RockStar Teacher Camp this summer.  Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up.  I knew I needed technology and we would be having small class sizes.  Both of those things appealed to me.  CUE RockStar was a 3 day workshop where I got to learn all kinds of amazing things.  I attended a Robotics class, ThingLink app/photo collage class, learned new ways to communicate with the teachers I will be working with, dove deeper into Google Forms and Info-graphics.  And those were just some of the classes that were offered.  I also got to network with many other teachers from different districts.  I also realized that I could actually teach some of these classes.  I am super excited about that prospect.  I am shy and I secretly love to get up and teach.  When I’m teaching kids the fear goes away and I become a different person.  I love that confident person and I crave more of her.  So the idea of teaching this kind of technology to other teachers is pretty cool.
From one of the classes I attended, we made a ThingLink that showcased what I did and learned.  I attended the Robotics class and made a rubber band car.  We experimented with different wheels and lengths of rubber bands to see if they made a difference in how fast they traveled.  I found out that I made a pretty quick little car!  All the changes I made to the car, made it slower.  So I changed it back!  Now that school has started back up, I going to set up a time with a teacher to come in her class and make these cars with the kids.  They are 2nd graders and they are the perfect age to experiment with this kind of Robotics.  
I also got to use the Pic Collage app to help me create my ThingLink.  We did a photo walk and picked out different objects to make the word CUE.  This would be a great way to get kids thinking creatively and up out of the classroom.  They could do a pic collage on the habitat of the wildlife around the school, different numbers they see around the campus, or anything they can think of.
I loved the refresher class on Info-graphics.  I enjoy looking at data and making an info-graphic is a fun and creative way to do that.  Last year a made an Info-graphic that reflected my students’ DIBELs scores.  The kids liked seeing how much they improved, and I could show that in a fun way.  While I was at CUE RockStar, I made one for Instructional Coaches. It needs some tweaking, but I think I would like to share it with my teachers one day.

Upon reflection, I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to attend CUE RockStar and I loved that it was here in Crescent City.  I got to learn so much and I’m very grateful for that.  I’m looking forward to attending another CUE conference in the future.

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