Saturday, March 7, 2015

Symbaloo...and the US Presidents

This week I created a Symbaloo about US Presidents.  We are two weeks away from being done with our reports and I thought this would be an awesome topic my kids can relate to.  You can see my Symbaloo about US Presidents here.  It has all sorts of resources for you to use.  Not just great websites, but different web tools the kids can use to create all sorts of amazing things for their President reports.
I am going to share this list with my kids via Google Classroom.  One of their assignments will be to explore the resources I put in it. I will share it with my colleagues via Google + and my blog.

In addition to sharing my Symbaloo, my kids will be watching two videos I got on YouTube.  Here is one of them, Fun Presidential Facts.  That way they can see not just their own president, but the president their friends are researching as well.

I also found a Kid President video where he is meeting President Obama and getting to tour the White House.  I love this kid and he has some great messages for my kids to hear.  I will also share this video with my kids through Google Classroom.  I didn't choose to make my own video because I am very camera shy.  I thought these videos could be fun and educational for the kids.  If I made the video, I'm not sure how much fun my kids would have watching it. Maybe if I were reporting on something like my love of M&M's and not the Presidents of the United States.  There are advantages of me making a video though, I have to admit.  Like my students getting the exact information I want them to.  I will be more adventurous...maybe just not today.  My kids have worked hard on their reports, so I hope they enjoy looking at my Symbaloo and watching these videos.  

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